Loving God. Loving Others.

Life groups are how we do that.




At Westside, we believe that the best environment for spiritual growth happens in relationships. It is in a Life Group that we turn our chairs inward to face one another, where we build relationships, know each other on a deeper level, and experience the ups and downs of life in community.



The Martin Life Group is designed for adults in their 20's to 40's with elementary aged children. The group's focus is to develop positive Christian habits with everyday, practical applications by working through a book study. 


Leaders: Aaron and Beth Martin

Location: Off site | Indianapolis

Time: Sunday at 12:30PM

Frequency: Twice a month




The VanWinkle Life Group is for adults in their 30's to 40's with elementary and teen aged children. This small group will focus on encouraging and supporting each other in the parenting of young and teenage children. 


Leaders: Travis and Julie VanWinkle

Location: Off Site | Brownsburg

Time: Friday at 6:30PM

Frequency: Twice a month




This is a mixed group of adult couples and singles, ages 50 and above, that share prayer concerns and discuss various Bible subjects, frequently paralleling the pastor’s sermon topic.


Leaders: Scott and Ginny Armstrong

Location: On site | Room 605

Time: Sunday at 11:30AM

Frequency: Twice a month




This group is for adults “doing life together”, ages 50 and above for couples and singles. We eat, laugh, cry, pray, and love each other. Together, a book is read and the life lessons from the book are discussed.


Leader: Patye Bridget

Location: On Site | Room 606

Time: Sunday at 11:30AM

Frequency: Twice a month




The Hurst Life group is for adults of any age with a focus on

encouraging new believers in their Christian walk and equipping them to build a healthy and stable relationship with Christ.


Leaders: Kreigh and Kathy Hurst

Location: On Site | Room 602

Time: Sunday at 10AM

Frequency: Weekly




The Young Adult Life Group is for anyone of the ages 18 to 29. This group of post-high school adults meet for community, growth, and social events.


Leader: Michael & Kate Haynes

Location: Indianapolis

Time: Wednesdays biweekly at 6:30PM

Frequency: Twice a month




The Prayer Group is a ministry for adults of all ages. This group believes there is power in prayer, power in the name of the Lord, and power in the Word of God. Our purpose is to intercede on behalf of Westside Church and others as the Spirit of God leads us.


Leader: Richie Crain

Location: On site | Room 611

Time: Wednesday at 7PM

Frequency: Weekly




This group is for mother’s of small children. The group will focus on digging into God’s Word with supporting Bible Study and fellowship with connection time and play time for children.


Leader: Anastasia Berkley

Hosts: Anastasia Brekley and Brooke Ginder

Location: Off site | Danville

Time: Thursdays at 10AM

Frequency: Weekly




The women's Bible study is a group for all women who study various topics. The focus for the group is to get together for fellowship, prayer, encouragement, and spiritual growth.


Leader: Brenda Clark, Diana Adams

Location: Room 618

Time: 6:30PM

Frequency: Tuesdays (begins October 1)




Westside Mom Strong is designed with the express purpose of moms supporting other moms. It is a tribe of women joined together by the journey of motherhood and called for such a time as this! Westside Mom Strong strives to reach moms from all walks of faith and life through a community of Christ centered love in action. Our mission is to build a village that shares faith and fun, laughter, tears, challenges and joys; to shoulder the burden together and encourage those who feel adrift in this season of motherhood.


Leader: Sarah Dela Peret

Location: On site | Room 605 | Door 14

Time:  6:30PM

Frequency: 2nd & 4th Thursdays




This group is for adults of all ages with a focus on Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. The 9-week course helps individuals/couples plan for their money by teaching God’s way of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions, and interactive small group activities. FPU presents Biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be.


Leaders: Aaron and Jill Workman

Location: On site | Room 604





The PrimeTime group is a ministry for senior adults who meet together for dinner, fellowship, and musical guests.


Leader: Cati Lingle

Location: On site | Room 618

Time: Mondays at 6PM

Frequency: Monthly